Welcome to the first Global Archiact Jam of 2016! We are calling on people from all across the world, to see who can make the best mobile VR game for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. The grand prize, awarded to one winner for each track, includes three (3) HTC Vive Headsets AND free demo space at the first consumer VR conference and exhibition.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no theme, so create whatever you deem to be the best game.

Global Archiact Jam is the chance of a lifetime to collaborate with other VR enthusiasts in order to build and create a game for the next big platform.

The choice is yours, but the challenge is simple. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Get Started

  • Learn more about your weapon of choice: Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR
  • Sign up using the "Register for this hackathon" button on the side of this page
  • Find Teammates that have signed up for Devpost

Key Dates

Milestone 1 - Idea/Pitch: April 8 at 6:00PM PT

  • Game Idea/Description (required)

  • Choose Track: Cardboard or Gear (required)

  • Team/Individual (required)

Milestone 2 - Screenshots: April 15 at 6:00PM PT

  • Game Screenshots/Video (required)

  • Updated Description, Track

Milestone 3 - Final Build: April 24 at 6:00PM PT

  • Submit your final APK file (required)
  • Updated Description, Track, Screenshots


Please see Contest Terms for full eligibility requirements. 

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$17,000 in prizes

Essentials Grand Prize - Cardboard

Three (3) HTC Vive headsets and demo space at CVR 2016.

Deluxe Grand Prize - Gear VR

Three (3) HTC Vive headsets and demo space at CVR 2016.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Getting Started

  • Click "Register for this hackathon" on this page
  • Use Devpost to look for teammates or participate as an individual
  • Review the Rules & Legal Terms
  • E-mail the organizer if you have any questions


Milestone 1:
  • Click "Enter a submission"
  • Add a new project or select one of your existing portfolio projects
  • Name your project and provide a quick elevator pitch (what's the game about?)
  • If applicable: Add team members via e-mail (they must also be registered on Devpost)
  • Click "Save"
  • Choose track (Cardboard or Gear)
  • Agree to the rules and Devpost terms of service
  • Hit "Submit to Global Archiact Jam"
Milestone 2:
  • Update your submission from Milestone 1 with game screenshots or video
  • Make any relevant changes to description
Milestone 3:
  • Update your submission from Milestone 1 with your game APK file/link


Derek Chen

Derek Chen
Co-Founder & President, Archiact Interactive

Eric Hine

Eric Hine
Executive Producer, Archiact Interactive

Andrew Douthwaite

Andrew Douthwaite

Judging Criteria

  • UX (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Creativity (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Gameplay (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Immersion (Maximum 5 Points)
  • Interactivity (Maximum 5 Points)

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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