General Essentials

Q: If I miss a milestone, can I still win?
A: Unfortunately, no. If a milestone is missed or incomplete, you won’t be eligible to compete or win. 

Q: If I publish my APK on the Google Play store, can I submit it as a closed alpha or open beta?
A: Yes. We just need a way to test the game.

Q: I have a question that isnt answered here! Who do I contact?
A: E-mail ( the game jam organizer.


Game Development

Q: Is 60 FPS a hard requirement?
A: No, but it is a requirement for a reason. Your frame rate can drop below 60 FPS during gameplay, but it may cause motion sickness which will negatively affect your score. We recommend aiming for a baseline of 90 FPS.

Q: Can I use another Android device as an input device?
A: Yes, you’re free to use whichever phone you have at your disposal. However, please note that games will be judged on one of the following phones: Note 4, Galaxy S6, and and Nexus 5.

Q: Can I use previously designed work for my submission?
A: You can reuse existing art and assets to speed up your game development time, but games that you've submitted to previous contests or publishing sites will not be eligible, including direct ports.

Q: What game controller or other input device can I use?
A: You can use any standard configuration Bluetooth game controller.



Q: Is there an alternative method to submit my games final APK?
A: Devpost has a 35MB file upload limit. If your APK is too large as a ZIP file, you can upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, or your own hosting and provide the link in your submission.

Q: How do I submit for each milestone?
A: For Milestone 1, you will click the “Enter a submission” button. For all subsequent milestones, you will edit this original submission. DO NOT create multiple submissions. You are responsible for updating your submission for each milestone deadline.