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GearVR OSig Tool Way to submit

So since we can only submit via Sideload or Nexus' GearVR OSig Tool, and the Sideload seems to not work without being approved or having to wait(time sensitive), then I am assuming that Nexus' GearVR OSig tool is the way to go for this last day of submissions.

For GearVR OSig Tool, when we upload our APK file to the website, it will only work when other users add/upload their own OSig to the APK and then update the APK, then download the final APK to their device to play. So are we to understand that we just need to upload our APK to Nexus' website, grab that link that has our APK on the site, and include that into our submission? Because that would mean that the Judges would have to visit that website link with our APK, upload their own OSig and then update the APK before downloading it to their device for judging. We wanted to make sure that we submitted correctly using this method of submission. We weren't sure if the judges were going to have the steps to upload their own OSig to all of our games for testing.

Please if any moderators could reply before the submission deadline that would be super duper helpful for us. We really appreciate the chance to compete in this competition!


  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Hi Jon,

    Yes, this is correct. Submit your link and the judges will upload their own osig files for testing! Hope this helps.

  •   •   over 7 years ago

    Thank you!

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