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Are submissions ordered from first place to 2,3,4... or is it just a random order after the winners?

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for arranging this jam. It was a great opportunity for me to dive into VR. I just wonder if submissions come in any particular order like winners first and 2,3,4,5 and so on places after or is it just in random order after the winners?


  •   •   over 7 years ago

    In that case, I am last.... lol, called it!!

  • Manager   •   over 7 years ago

    Hi Axo!

    Thanks for commenting -- we are glad that you enjoyed this Global Archiact Jam and appreciate the kind words :)

    After the winners, the games are in no particular order. There will be more "Recognition Award" winners announced later today on the Archiact blog, so stay tuned! We will post here as well to make sure you see them.

    Best regards,

    - The Archiact Team

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