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over 7 years ago

Global Archiact Jam Apology & Update

Hello Jammers, 

On behalf of the Archiact team, we would like to sincerely apologize to every person that participated in this round of Global Archiact Jam. One component of the grand prizes was complimentary demo space at our inaugural Consumer Virtual Reality (CVR) conference and expo, which is taking place today, May 14th. 

Due to extremely tight time restrictions, we have been unable to complete the judging portion in time for that prize to be awarded. We are appreciative of everyone’s time and effort, and therefore, we did not want to rush through playing and judging each game for the sole purpose of meeting a time deadline. The judging process requires structure, thought, and above all, adequate time for the games to be screened by multiple team members. Unfortunately, we severely overestimated the resources we would have at our disposal to test each game for an appropriate length of time. We also underestimated the time our small team would need to devote to the event planning logistics of CVR. This was a complete oversight on our part, and we will prioritize the game jam post-CVR to ensure that the winners are announced in the next week.

Once again, we apologize for this grave mistake and inconvenience. We understand that you must be frustrated, but we hope you can understand. We will provide a Samsung Gear VR in addition to the HTC Vives as an alternative prize.

If you would like to speak to someone from our team personally, you can e-mail Richard and he can explain the situation further.

Once again, we apologize.


The Archiact Team